Where we are in place and time
Object: prison
By teagan owens

Why do you think it was invented?

For people to be safe and have everything and everybody safe from robbers, and bad guys.

How has this object changed?

Well, it has changed by size and safety. It has changed in size because it has gotten way bigger and more room. Safety because it has changed from chained to metal doors and now they are locked in a little room.

How has this object affected peoples lives?

So that they are safe and no one can get hurt. Because it locks away bad guys from coming to your house and stealing everything and hurting you.

How might it change and affect peoples lives in the future?

It will be safer and more civilized. In the future it is its own little world. You would have to drive there and if they tried to get out they couldn't because there are a thousand doors locked away. If they tried to get out they couldn't because its a huge drop. The prison is on a cliff in the future.