The Sleeping Car

Project by: Kassie Burger

The sleeping car was invented in 1877 by George Pullman. The sleeping car was a railroad passenger car used to allow all passengers to have a bed of some sort. Railroad cars before the time of this invention were not enjoyable. "He himself frequently used railroads in pursuit of business but did not enjoy the experience. Regular cars were uncomfortable and dirty..."(George M. Pullman) The disgusting train cars and hard seats made long railroad travels much longer. Passengers were uncomfortable and unhappy with railroad travel.

Pullmans experience with railroad cars and the expansion of railroads across the nation led him to invent these new and updated cars. "After exploring several possibilities, he decided on the manufacture and leasing of railroad cars." (George M. Pullman) Pullman teamed up with Benjamin field to transform a regular car into a new and luxurious sleeping car. After converting two cars into new sleeping cars, Pullman's invention became an immediate success.

Years later Pullman's invention began to evolve. Sleeping cars now are skinnier, shorter, and more comfortable than they were when they were first produced. They now consist of more "rooms" with bathrooms and foldable bunks.  Although less popular, sleeping cars are still used today.

Due to the invention of the sleeping car, travel became easier and more comfortable. Instead of passengers having to stay at hotels over night, they were able to stay on the train, cutting down on travel time.

The production of sleeping cars led Pullman to reduce worker wages but he did not lower the cost of living in its houses. The reduction of wages caused the workers to go a strike. The strike led to the boycotting of Pullman sleeping cars and caused workers lto lose their jobs after the strike was over.

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