The Moon's Importance

.                                                              Jacob Miller

                                                                4th Hour

The Moon's Role

        The moon does many different things in our lives. First the moon has different phases the first phase is a new moon in which you can't see any of the moon. The second phase is the waxing crescent, the first quarter, then waxing gibbons, then full moon, then waning gibbons, then 3rd quarter, then waning crescent, and then the phases start over again. This entire cycle takes about 28.5 days. The moon also causes the tides on the earth. There are two different types of tides neap tides and spring tides. A spring tide means the tide is really high, and a neap tide is when the tide is really low. The moon also causes the eclipses there are two types of eclipses a lunar eclipse, and a solar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is when the sunlight is blocked from the moon. A solar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the sun from the earth's view.

The Moon's Phases

       The moon has 8 phases that occur every 28.5 days. The first phase is new moon which is completely dark because we cannot see the face of the moon that has all the sunlight. The next set of moon phases are waxing crescent, 1st Quarter, and waxing gibbons. Then is the full moon where you can see an entire half of the moon but it appears to be a complete circle. The next set of phases is waning gibbous, 3rd Quarter, and waning crescent. We see he phases because the moon orbits around earth just like the earth rotates around the sun. The phases are important because they provide a source of light outside at night.


.              There are two different types of tides that are the main ones. The first type of tide is called a spring tide. A spring tide is when a ide I overly high, and occurs only during a full moon or a new moon. A neap tide is when the tide is lower and occurs during 1st Quarter and 3rd Quarter. These tides occur because of the gravitational pull form the moon. The tides effect Earth because they effect the tide which could make people at the beach either happy or mad.


       There are two main types of eclipses that occur every once in a while. There are lunar eclipses which is when the sun is fully blocked out by the earth an the moon evinces no sunlight. There are also solar eclipses which is when the sun is blocked from the view of the earth by the sun. Eclipses only occur when the moon, sun, and earth are perfectly aligned which is why the sunlight is blocked from either the moon or the Earth. Eclipses are important because they are cool to watch.   

The Moon's Import

The moon is important for a few different reasons. First the moon causes tides which are important for people who I've near the ocean. Second they are important because  they cause eclipses which are cool to look at. Third the moon is important because it has phases which given us different amounts of light at night. If there was no moon there would be no tides, we would not see the moon at night, but the world would pretty much remain the same. There could possibly be a reduction in a few species who use the Moon's light at night t hunt , but other than that life would remain the same.

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