Baton Rouge

Civil War Battle

Baton rouge Civil War

The battle was started on August 5, 1862. The Confederates came to Baton rouge to try to recapture it. Rebels tried to cross the line but the Union forced them to leave. The men that fought were only in training camp for two weeks! The attack started at daybreak. There was 160 men killed, almost 600 wounded, and 90 missing. There are 5,000 men buried at the cemetery the government purchased.

Defensive commander Brig. Gen Thomas Williams was involved and Col. Thomas W. Cahill was too.

The battle was fought in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It took place there because the Confederate were trying to take it over again. Plus there was a lot of supplies for the Confederate. It took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The result was that the Union won and the Confederate lost. There was 160 casualties.

The winner was the Union and the loser was the Confederate.Gen. Thomas Williams was killed soon after.

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