Felix Garcia History


1- Why was Jerusalem important to your group

2- The reason for the Crusades based on your group's point of view

3-The effect of the Crusades on your group

4-  Your group's perception of other groups


1- The majority of Byzantine people were Christians.Jerusalem was also part of the Byzantine as early as the rise of the empire.

2-The Crusades from the Perspective of Byzantium and the Muslim World is the result of scholarly reassessments of the Crusades on the 900th anniversary of the appearance of crusading armies outside Nicaea. The views expressed here complement theconsiderable number of other examinations that focused on the internal, Western, aspects of the movement on the 900th anniversary of the Council of Clermont.

3- The crusades, originally intended to save the Byzantine Empire, among other things, failed to do this and hastened its decline insted. The crusaders sacked Byzantine cities and eventually captured Constantinople in 1204. Then they used Constantinople as the capital of what is called the Latin Empire, which it remained, until the Byzantines managed to recapture it in 1264.

4-The First Crusade was in many ways a joint venture between theByzantines and the Europeans. When Pope Urban II called for a crusade in 1096, he was responding to a plea for help from Byzantine Emperor Alexis I, who was having trouble dealing with the Seljuk Turks in Anatolia.

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