Career Fair!

By:Nyliqua Mercer

In the photo above there is a picture of children in there future careers!

When we went to the career fair we met a dentist and she explained that her average salary is $250,00 ,she said she works Monday-Thursday cause she off on the weekends. Starting salary $30 and hour works 10 hours a day so she makes $300 a day!

Also, we went to this eyebrow career person she had to go through 4 years of college for engineering owns her own business $30 a client. She went through a certificate degree.

In the third station we went to, there was a career called Simify Frazier and the lady was an instructor she teaches students to be hair dressers. She have 8 hair stylist .She uses manican heads

The lady name T.Richardson went through Nash County community College. She is a talented hair stylist and she charges about $30-$40 it depends on the hair style.

In the Mazda Plant the man was a basketball champ! He now sells cars when his friend asked him to. He won the ACC before his name is (George Mccain ) He says he makes more money by selling cars.

The photographer says she started her own buisness cause she wonted to be a stay at home mom.She got a bachelors's degree, she charges $15o a hour.

I didn't get to  learn the makeup lady name but she said she do makeovers and she have her own products, she also sells her own clothes.

The NCC lady had stated that they had over 200 programs available in there college. The CORM was telling us about the city inspectors.

The artist said he was self tault when one of the students asked how did he learn.So ,he said he didn't go through training.

The last station I went to was the fireman station. He stated that he had a high school diploma. He went through 6 months of training and the first time he took his test he didn't pass, So he went through training a second time and he passed he said he would have went a third time if he didn't pass because, he wonted to be a firefighter that bad that was his dream.

I didn't get to go to the station were they had the baby but we learned about it , its called teen living. In that class you have to take care of a baby over the weekend and the teachers will know everything you do to the baby, because of the key they have to wear over that weekend.

Above is a picture of a photographer career like we seen at the career fair.

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