Suitable Components For A Receptionist's Computer

Recommended components for your Network

I Recommend that you use:

. An Intel Core i3-4370 Central Processor Unit (CPU) as  it is £121.21 which is cheap for a CPU and it is quite fast at running programs and tasks for your computer which would be very useful for a receptionist.

. A Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 as is only £44.00. it maximizes your systems maximum storage/memory capacity for a much better performance.

. A Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3. I have recommended this as it is only £62.86 for a brand new one.

. A ViewSonic VA2246M-LED 1920 x 1080 as it is only £93.66 for a brand new on from Amazon

.  Microsoft Office 2014 ( as it has a license card and it allows 5 users. It costs £64.98 to install.

.Seagate 1TB ( as it is a 3.0 portable 2.5 inch external hard drive that will only cost you £50 to install.

.Corsair CX 500W Power Supply ( as I have recommended this component as it is a 500w, 80 PLUS Bronze, Single Rail, 1x120mm Fan, ATX, PSU that only costs £40 to install.

.Microsoft 600 Wired Desktop Set (Keyboard, Mouse) ( as

Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 Keyboard and Mouse Set which will only cost you £15 for new one>

.Windows 7 32-bit Professional ( as it is Faster and More Reliable, it has a New Interface / New Features , with Service Pack 1 Update Included and a 32bit OEM Package. And it only costs £106.48 to install.

.MSI GTX 650 2GB ( no longer has this model so the next best model would be the XFX Radeon HD 5450 Silent Passive 1GB GDDR3 Graphics Card [HD-545X-ZCH2] and it is only £19.84 to install.

.BitFenix Neos Black ATX Mid Tower Case ( this site does not have this case model either so the next best option would be a BitFenix Pandora Core Micro-ATX Case. It is only £70.

.Logitech OEM PC 860 Stereo Headset ( as it is a decent make and it only costs £10.

.Bullguard Antivirus Software as it is a strong software that will only cost you £18.81.


Bus Network:  This Form of Network uses a long central cable; this allows all the computers to connect to each other. Each computer has its own shorter cable that connects it to the ‘bus’.


  1. It is cheap to install as it is just one long cable


  1. It can be quite slow since all the computers are sharing the same cable.
  2. it will stop working if there is a break in the central cable

    Ring Network: In this form of Network the computers are connected to cable that is shaped like a ring. If you took a bus network and connected the two ends together you would have a ring network.

Star network: This form of network is one of the most common forms of networking. Star Networks consists (contains) of one central switch, hub or computer which acts as a conduit (carrier) to transmit messages. this contains a central node which all other nodes connect to.


1) compared to the bus topology or network, the star network gives out a much better performance.

2) it is very easy to connect it to new nodes and devices.

3) it helps monitor other computers as it is a centralized management.

4) if one node fails to work properly (breaks) it will not affect the rest of the network.

5)it is easy to locate any problems with the network e.g. a broken node, and troubleshoot it.


1) relying on the central device too much will cause it to break down which will cause the entire network to shut down.

2) using a hub/router/switch as the central device will increase the cost of the network.

3) the amount of nodes in the network and the performance speed of the network all depend on the capacity of the central device.

I would recommend that you use the Star Network for your business. This is because although it will not be cheap to install, if one or more nodes break down they will not affect anything else in the network.

Network issues

Viruses can easily be used to steal and/or corrupt your data, which is easy to solve by using anti-viruses such as Norton. After installing your anti virus software it may ask you to update your computer software so if it gets the same virus again it will be easier for you to locate the source of the virus and get rid of it.

Most networks such as Sony are easy/simple to hack (Sony was hacked 4 times within a few months)

Cookies are one way of slowing down your network or allowing viruses into your computer and anything else that uses any form of network.

Wireless Network problems

  1. The wireless adapters switch might not be enabled.
  2. If the switch or its driver is damaged it will prevent you from connecting to a network.
  3. If you are missing any updates not only will it slow your computer down, it will also eventually prevent you from connecting to a network.
  4. With wireless networks you won’t always get a strong signal.
  5. Most wireless networks have a short range.
  6. Wireless networks also switch themselves on and off from time to time.

Wireless Network Solutions

  1. Make sure that your switch or its driver is not damaged if they are then replace them with a new one.
  2. Make sure you are not missing out on any updates if you are then update your computer immediately to its latest software update.
  3. If you do not have very strong signals then strengthen your network’s signal.
  4. If you have a short ranged network then you can widen the range by going into your network settings.
  5. If your Network keeps switching between on and off it would be better to restart your hub/switch.
  6. Make sure that the adapter switch is enabled

Wired Network Issues

1. Health and Safety hazard e.g. easy to trip over

2. the wires are easily damaged e.g. the rubber is easily torn

3. the network interface card could be damaged

4. positioning of the work stations

wired Network Solutions

1&2) make sure that the wires are hidden away neatly so that nobody can trip over them or damage  them.

3) if the card is damaged then get it repaired or you could just buy a new one.

4. make sure that the work stations are placed to the side of the room nearer the cables so that it is easy for others to get past.


Most Network problems happen without warning you first e.g. half the time an icon will pop up with a speech bubble basically telling you that your computer has failed to connect to the network preventing from also connecting to the internet. But because most of the time Network problems happen without warning therefore people think it’s tricky to fix but a majority of Network problems are easy to fix by simply troubleshooting the problem, as they are connected to one of several common factors.

Below I will explain how quickly you can fix each of the common problems with Networks and their connections.

Electrical Interference

The first common problem that I will be explaining is Electrical Interferences. These are quite common with anything electrical not just your Network. This occurs between non-shielded cables and electrical devices, such as wireless routers. The way to fix this is to either wrap the damaged wires in electrical tape or buy another set of wires.

Unplugged Cables

One of the most annoying and common problems is that your cables might not be connected properly. So when troubleshooting the problem, make sure that all cables are connected properly. You should also make sure that all indicator lights are working properly. If you suspect that your cable does not work properly then you would be better off replacing it with a new but identical cable.

Improperly Configured Settings

When your router is set up there should be a series of settings and controls that will need to be required properly. This will allow your network to run smoothly without any problems. It is highly likely that you will have an issue with your network if your settings are not configured/set up properly. It will also be possible for you to experience network issues if one of the settings was mistakenly changed or if it was altered by an outside programme. If this is the case then you must locate your router’s configuration page (this should be located under your router’s settings), and verify that all settings are set to their recommended options. You should contact your router’s manufacturer if you are unsure what the correct settings are.

Conflicting Applications

Many applications that where automatically installed use up a small portion of your network bandwidth in order to run and transfer information over the network. But most applications are heavy as they have a lot of information/data to transfer there for they use a lot more storage to run. This will cause your network to run slower than what it should. It is also possible for applications to conflict with each other, which will cause your network to have issues. So you must check your network manager page to ensure that no applications are using too much of your system’s resources. If there are any that are using too much of your network recourses then you should close them down/delete them.

How to install windows 7 in 13 easy steps

Step One: Enter your computers BIOS (your computers instructions). This is usually done by following your on screen prompt.

Step 2: Find your BIOS’s boot options menu.

Step 3: Select the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device for your computer.

Step 4: Save the changes that you have made to these settings.

Step 5: Now you need to shut down your computer.

Step 6: Now it is time to insert the windows 7disc into the disc drive in your computer.

Step 7: Now start your computer from the disc. . (If it does not ask you to boot from the disc then you may have done something wrong. Redo all previous steps to solve the problem).

Step 8: Now you need to choose your windows setup options.

Step 9: Click the ‘Install now’ BUTTON.

Step 10: Accept the License terms.

Step 12: Now you need to decide on which hard drive you would like to install Windows on.

Step 11: Select ‘Custom installation’.

Step 13: Now install windows onto your chosen hard drive and partition.

Recommended network

I recommend that you use a client network as it is more reliable as the whole company can have access to any information that may be saved on the central hub. I also recommend it because if you were to use a peer to peer network and the cable broke down you would not be able to share any information to someone on the other side of the desk let alone the rest of the company.

specific network components

Proxy server: a proxy server  acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

Hubs: This connects smaller Ethernet segments together making them act as a single segment.

Switch:  A device that allocates traffic from one network segment to certain lines which connects the segment to another network segment.

Router: A specialized network device that determines the next network point to which it can forward a data packet towards the ultimate destination of the packet

Network interface cards: along with an Ethernet cable allows you to send and receive data through the network.

how recruitment companies use networks to manage data

Recruitment companies use networks to manage data by saving any data to the central hub which automatically creates a backup document for any data that is saved inside it. it allows you to connect wirelessly to a printer so you may print your documents off.

types of legal requirements of software licenses.

Open source: An open source license allows any users to modify/edit and share a piece of software.

Single license: A single user license  allows only one user the right to use a software package. It may grant the user the right to install the software on only one machine, or it may authorize installation on any number of machines as long as that same licensee is the only user.

Multi-user license: defines an operating system or application software that allows access by multiple users of a computer.

Benefits of network registration

Register a computer or other device to a network and once it as been granted permission and privileges, then the computer or any other devices have easy access to the networks resources.

Potential benefits and implications of installing software

Benefits: Installing software allows you/your company to do something that you couldn't do before. it also makes tasks quicker and improve the rate of productivity.

Implications: If your software needs specific requirements that your computer does not have it will cost you/your company a lot of money that you may or may not have to upgrade your computer's hardware.

Different types of Systems

Media PC's such as an Apple Mac are expensive as they are mainly used for editing things such as photos and clips and they use expensive components as they use up quite a lot of power. An Apple mac is around £800-£900.

Office PC's such as windows uses much cheaper than an Apple mac as they don't use so much power, and they are used for office work such as creating a word document or PowerPoint. An office PC costs around £300-£400.

Gaming PC's are much more expensive than an office or media pc as they cost around £1,000. This is because the components are very expensive as they use more power than an office or media pc. They also need higher end components to be able to operate.


We sent a receptionist a questionnaire asking what they would recommend. Three of the best questions where: "do you prefer a wireless keyboard and mouse or a wired key board and mouse?", "would you require specific software to help you do your job to the best of the abilities?" and "do you use a headset or a phone?".

For the first question they recommended that people use a wireless keyboard and mouse as then there are no wires to get in your way causing you to stop doing your work just to move the wires out of the way.

For the second question they recommended Microsoft office, email and reports software as most people believe that these are the best pieces of a software for a receptionist to use as Microsoft office has things like: powerpoint, excel and word. this makes it easier to mange data and improves your work production rate. Email makes it easier for you to allow others to see the work you have done without them having to move around. And reports software simply just makes it easier for you to report any problems with your computer or the network.

And for the third question they said they would recommend a phone instead of a headset as it is much easier to transfer calls.

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