About Pilsen
By:Jaxon Hicks

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There are different varieties of culture in Pilsen that invite you to the treasure that awaits around every corner.  Here elaborate murals are unveiled  in the most unexpected places such as houses, railways , and wrapped around train platforms. The divine art continues in store front art galleries, and even in the amazing selection of the National Museum of Mexican art.  

Pilsen is an area that pulses on youthful spirits and is always changing. For more than 150 years Pilsen has been a place of entry for immigrants. Early on there were lots of  Europeans in Pilsen, which later changed to mainly Latino. Now there are a mix of cultures living in Pilsen. Thanks to this variety of cultures you can find, old shops, coffee houses/cafes, and restaurants serving authentic Ethnic foods.

Pilsen cultures consist of African, Mexican, and even Native American cultures. These cultures are the reason for the amazing art in Pilsen. Much of the artwork created is done by local artist that have moved to the neighborhood for its low rent.

Pilsen is an amazing place with beautiful art work and creative minds that is driven by a creative and youthful spirt. Everyone can enjoy the beautiful art, food, and variety of culture in Pilsen.