Love, Hate, Alone, Together.

Chyanne kling 4-15-14

                                                    They walk by each other,

                                                  As if they hate each other.

                                                       Not saying a word,

                                                            Just looking,

                                    Staring blankly into each other’s eyes.

                                                    Nobody could find out.

                                                         She knows why,

                                           Why he keeps ‘them’ to his self.

                                                He thinks she’s clueless.

                                                     Because of him,

                                                     She thinks love,

                                                          Is a dark,

                                                        Scary place,

                                     Full of secrets, so many secrets.

                                              Little does she know,

                                                 He loves her too.

                                Just not enough to tell his ‘best friend’,

                                 His best friend doesn’t ‘allow’ them to talk.

                                     He can’t talk to her or her friends,

                                                So in the hall,

                                             While staring blankly,

                                           Into each other’s eyes,

                                         As if they hate each other.

                                          She still keeps their secret,

                                        She’s really scared to lose him.

                                                  Even though,

                                          They’re only together,

                                           When they’re alone.

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