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April 26, 2013 - We have just added a new tour to our list; The Amalfi coast and the islands of Capri and Ischia is here!! This is a challenging 5 day cycling and walking tour with lots to discover.

April 18, 2013 - The Isle of Mull Tour, Scotland has arrived. This 4 day cycling tour has a lot to offer including many optional hiking trails to explore along the route.

We are working on over 100 tours at this time and will continue publishing them as they become available.

What we do!

The Touring Hub is all about providing the TOTAL PACKAGE for your next cycling and hiking adventure. We identify interesting destinations and then proceed to plan all aspects of the journey for your enjoyment. Our Touring Packages are FREE and include a broad variety of information needed for a safe and enjoyable trip.

We can also provide you with our route design services if you have a destination in mind and want us to use our expertise to come up with a custom tour for you.

What's included ?


  • Daily route details (route map, distance, elevation profile etc.)
  • Hard copy printouts of the daily route maps
  • GPX file downloads of daily maps for your GPS device
  • Attractions along the route (things to see and do)
  • Services along the route (places to stay and eat)
  • Additional routes available during the day (when applicable)
  • Information about the region (transportation, weather)
  • Optional Touring Day Maps with associated details (when applicable)

A Little About our Tour Maps:

Our touring maps are designed in Google Earth, so you will need it on your PC to view the maps. Fortunately Google Earth can be downloaded FREE of charge. You'll want to view the touring maps in Google Earth to gain the full benefit of all information provided on each tour (i.e. things to see and do, places to stay and eat and much much more). We also have condensed versions of the maps focused solely on the daily routes (no touring information, just the route facts) These are Web links which can be viewed in your web browser (Google Earth not required) on your PC, Tablet or iPad and iPhone.

Check out our magazine for touring ideas and advice on your iPad or iPhone.

The Tours

Select the tour you are interested in by Clicking one of the trips shown below. Once selected you will view the tour's web page with some tour facts and a list of available file(s) for download. You can view these files on your PC,Tablet or iPad and iPhone by using Google Earth (downloads are FREE)

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