The Country of Abathar

The Survival of the Dragon Age


The country of abathar is protected by what is known as the dragon army which consist of many strong men and women they are all known as dragon slayers which are the only people in skyrim which can tame dragons as there own. There is a legend that tells when the first dragon slayer was born all the dragons in the world world would tell out a mighty roar the sky would rumble and boom. All dragon slayer are expert Marksman able to take on the largest trolls without a sweat and are the best at stealth.


The food of abathar would be all types of meat from dragon meat that has the same consistency of chicken but has more of an harder type it is also less fatty and packed with protein and something called Elixir of Vigor which has healing ability's much faster then that of modern medicine abathar food also has such pork, beef, and chicken also fruit and vegetables the climate is that of an coniferous forests it is mostly cold but also hot.


The landscape of abathar is amazing there are many different types of landscape that can be seen but the one that pops to the people most is the biggest mountain in abathar which is called Tamriel if you want to get to the top you need to walk the steps.The religion that the people of abathar believed in was called "The divine nine" . The steps that you need to climb are called "The 1000 steps to heaven". This is where the gods of Abathar are believed to live in they are in the deepest part of the mountain asleep ones who have ventured into the path of gods are never to return because most of them die from the natural causes or they die from the gods themselves. The origin of the religion came with the people of nords who believed that the 9 individuals had fought the corrupt god were heroes and saved the country of abathar.


The housing of Abathar uses verity of materials to build there shelters, the commoners that have a limited amount of funds mainly uses stones and wood to build there houses, but there are also wealthy citizens that build there houses with dragon scales aura of xaluies. The location of houses vary depends on the wealth of the citizen, the more wealthy citizen tend to live in the more safer and friendly enviroment which is in the city.

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