Drop Everything and CODE!

Friday, December 12
9:30 - 10:30

WHY does all of this really matter, and WHY are we using instruction time to do it?

Not only is the Hour of Code a world-wide event, it's also a district-wide initiative! Dubiski will participate in an all-digital format.

Prepare to Participate!

There's very little for teachers to do. You're not expected to teach ANYTHING; in fact, students might just teach YOU. In addition, this Tackk has other resources that you can use with your own family or anyone else.

  1. Be prepared to DIFFERENTIATE by making the following activities available to ANY student as needed - yourself included!
  2. At 9:15, show THIS VIDEO to the entire class.
  3. Tell them to use Chrome and direct students to http://code.org/learn where they'll find a variety of tutorials for our Hour of Code.
  4. All devices are optional.
  5. Here's how the Hour of Code page is arranged:

REALITY CHECK NO. ONE: Some students are advanced and may choose to code on their own. Please let them "fly." Have them "check-in" occasionally, or ask them to teach you what they're doing.

REALITY CHECK NO. TWO: ALL students won't have a computer. Ask kids to partner when necessary. The tutorials work well with small groups, and the collaboration is actually helpful.

REALITY CHECK NO. THREE:  ALL of the tutorials won't run seamlessly on EVERY STUDENT computer for various reasons. Things to consider/ask students to check when problems occur:

  • Use CHROME! This will provide the best experience.
  • Update Adobe Flash Player if prompted.

Encourage Sharing!

When applicable, encourage students to share their creations using the hashtag #dubiskicoder. This will offer the opportunity to showcase their work.

Hour of Code Tutorials

Take a quick survey in class. ALL STUDENTS and STAFF with little or no coding experience SHOULD START here!

Click either link to begin; create account ONLY if you or students want to save your work!

Iced out and sick of Frozen?  Try the 2013 Beginner's Tutorial instead:

If students finish with the initial Hour of Code tutorials (above), or find them not engaging or challenging enough, there's more to choose at code.org/learn!

  • Tutorials for Beginners (Level 1)
  • Tutorials That Teach JavaScript (Level 2)

An Invitation for Girls . . .

Please share the following link with all interested (not found on code.org).

Even More Practice
Level 2 & 3

Please share the following link with all interested (not found on code.org).

More Resources for Teachers

* iPads & iPhones *

* Online & Various Apps *

More About Computer Science