Patience Jefferson

My name is Patience, im the only girl that my mom had. I have 5 brothers, I live with 2 out of 4 half brothers their names are Jeremiah and Abraham Keep. (we have different dads.) i have 3 older brothers one is my real brother the other two are just my half brother cause we have different moms and I don't know what there names are. My oldest brother is Marvin hes in college and he's my only real brother, but i do have a half sister that lives in Kansas.

Three Interesting Things About Me


I love to swim, I plan to be on the Girard High School Swim Team. I have been swimming since I was 5.


I have 2 dogs one of them I had for about 4 years now and I just got another one. The one we have had for 4 years, his name is Pupito (boy), and the one we just got a month ago's name is Rebi (girl). I also have a cat named moddi (girl).

My Last Name

My last name isnt really supposed to be Jefferson! My real last name is Love no joke! The reason is that when my grandpa and grandma took my grandmas last name (Jefferson) my grandpas (Love).

3 Goals

Forensic Scientist

My 1st goal is to become a Forensic Scientist when im older. Im going to accomplish this by going to college and working hard.


My 2nd goal is to go to college in general. I'm going to accomplish this by working hard in High School.


My 3rd goal is to graduate from High School. Im going to accomplish this but studying and working hard.

Place to Visit

Dominican Republic

I would love to go to the Dominican Republic. But I wouldn't want to go to the nice side of it I want to go to the poor side and help the families there. It would be every thing to me if I could go there.

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