Connections II
First Semester Exam

Who is your hero?

This was the focus for this semester. Reflect on the following movies and describe the connection between you and the message of the film in a well written essay.

Invincible - Vince Papale

In the movie, Invincible, Vince Papale follows his dream of playing professional football even when all odds are against him. How does his story relate to your own story? How is this story very different from your own?


In the movie, Legendary, a boy loses his father in a car accident and loses his brother as well due to the trauma of the accident. After 10 years, he searches for his brother and seeks out a relationship with him. Who are the influential people in the boys life that help lead him to his brother? How does this relate to you? Do you have a role model or hero? Do you think that you ARE or WILL BE someone else’s role model ? Explain