13 Untold Haunted Stories

All Souls Day is nearly approaching. There goes the Halloween season, the evening before All Saints' Day where kids go run after your house to have trick or treat. Trick or treat is a request by children on Halloween to pass from door to door asking for goodies, consequently, those who refuse to give are threatened by children to play tricks. Whatever the reason, you can also threaten them by this handpicked collection of scary stories that will frighten those children away.

1. The Case of Doppelganger and Ghosts in Funerals

Doppelganger will never be missed out in any haunted story. Doppelganger is a ghost double of a living person. It usually haunts its living counterpart as well as nearby relatives. There are a lot of stories about Doppelganger and how it gives chills to everyone who experienced encountering their ghost double.

Moreover, in Catholicism, there are traditions in christian funeral or any christian funeral service to never go back home after visiting the dead. There is a notion that the ghost of the deceased will terrify you and eventually follow you in your house. One way to counter this is to go to places that will astray the ghost such as malls or any shopping centers.

2. Bloody Mary

This is a very popular haunted story that will surely make the tiny hairs in your neck to grow wildly. Bloody Mary is an apparition of a lady in the mirror covered with blood and a frightening look. The ghostlike figure can be seen through a bathroom mirror while you are holding a candlelight and chanting “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” while slowly rotating in front of the mirror. On the thirteenth time that you will say it as soon as you have rotated, the ghost of a bloody woman dressed in white will soon appear and scare you out. Something odd will happen eventually and stories tell that no one has escaped and lived through it.

3. The Boyfriend’s Death

This is also known as the “The Suicidal Boyfriend” or “The Dead Boyfriend”. This story has so many variations but eventually leads to the same situation. On their first date, the boy and her girlfriend were making out in his car. They headed on a park and hide in the dark bushes so that no one can see them.

After they have finished, the boy gets out of the car to take some fresh air and smoke a cigarette. The girl fell asleep for a while. For about ten minutes or so, the girl woke up and suddenly started to look for his boyfriend. She gets out and sees a man in the shadow. Frightened by the shadow, she gets back to the car and started to drive the car away. But as she does this, she heard a very high pitched screeching noise above.

She continued to drive the car away because she doesn’t know what to do and hits the gas as hard as possible. The girl suddenly noticed that there was a rope tied at the bumper of the car to a nearby tree. The girl slams on the gas and momentarily heard a very loud scream.

She gets out of the car and realizes that her boyfriend is hanging from the tree. It turns out that her boyfriends’ shadow is the one that she had seen and all the noises she heard are the screams of her suicidal boyfriend.

4. The White Death

Is a story of a girl in Scotland who committed suicide because she lived in despair and hated life so much. Shortly afterwards, her family found out what she has done. A few days after her death, her loved ones was frightened because every member of her family died with their limbs torn apart. There is a legend that the girl’s ghost will come and find you as soon as you have found about the White Death, she will repeatedly knock on your door and very time that you’ll not answer the door, each knocks gets louder, till you open the door and kills you for fear.

5. Elisa Day

This story has been adapted in a movie, manifested in playing games. There is a young woman named Elisa Day whose beauty is incomparable. Her beauty is unique like that of the wild roses growing in the river. One day, a young mysterious man came into the town and instantly fell in love with Elisa. They dated for three days. On the first day, he visited her at her house. On the second, he brought a single rose and told her to meet him where the wild roses are growing. On the third day, the mysterious man took her down to the river where he killed her with a rock in his fist and whispering “All beauty must die”. People claim that they have seen Elisa’s ghost wandering in the riverside, covered with blood, and holding a single rose in her hand. This story still popular in medieval Europe.

6. The Slit Mouthed Woman

A very famous haunted story in Japan and China. There is a woman who cheated on her husband who happened to be a samurai. The woman fell in love with a younger and a better looking man, which the husband soon discovered, enraged with her betrayal, he took his sword and slit her mouth ear to ear. The woman was cursed to never die so that anyone who will look on her face will pity her. Still she is wandering in the street to captivate men.

Stories suggest that others have seen a very beautiful woman asking the question “Am I pretty?”. Once you replied positively, she will ripped off her face and she will show to you her slitted mouth. Once she asked you the same question and you’ll no longer find her pretty, you will be faced with a tragic death.

7. The Medical Experiment

A team of nurses played a joke to one of their classmate. The mastermind is her boyfriend. The boy entrusted with a key to the apartment of his girl, started to put a cut part of a leg of a real human right in front of the door. The boyfriend and his friends waited outside and hid under the ladder. The girl showed up and started to open the door and momentarily closed it. Afterwards, they heard her screaming and won't stop to bang the door. Her boyfriend and his friends started to laugh and told her outside that it is just a silly joke, however, the banging and screaming won’t stop for several minutes. After a few more minutes, there was silence all over. The boyfriend wondered what could have happened and inside and he opened the door. They all looked shocked to what they have seen. They saw the girl on the corner of the apartment eating the leg of the real human.

8. The Russian Sleep Experiment

After the World War II, Russian researchers conducted an experiment which involves five prison inmates confined in a chamber and exposed them of a powerful stimulant gas. The purpose of the research is to test the effect of the long term sleep deprivation on human subjects. The inmates had been promised to have their freedom if they could stay wake for 30 days straight. However, tragic deaths and unexplained occurrences started to happen exposing a devils manifestation on test subjects.

9. Peeking ghost

A very popular story especially in old dormitories. There is a young man who occupied a room in a dormitory and met a frightened guard who suggested to leave the place as soon as possible. He didn’t took his advice, rather went to the room and moved his things. One of the employees in the information told him to never mind of the noises during at night because of the ongoing renovation nearby.

On his first night, he was puzzled by the noises because it is not happening in a nearby location but in the corridor. He didn’t get enough sleep. On the second day after school, he asked the landlady about the noises. But the landlady only told him nothing. He again heard the terrible and frightening voices in the corridor and started to scare him out.

On his third day, he anticipated that he will not get enough sleep again because of the voices in the corridor, however, at that moment, he heard nothing. Suddenly, a loud bang on his door trying to open his room. He got out of bed and tried to get near the door and stop the banging. On the door, there is a peephole, which he nervously tried to take a deep breath and take a glance outside. He had seen nothing but a red matter. He suddenly realized that, whatever is on the outside, the ghost is peeking also on the inside of his room.

10. The Choking Doberman

Late at night, a Doberman dog was found out choking by a couple in the living room. They hurriedly went to a veterinarian and drop off the dog. After going to the vet, they went back home and they started to calm down and went to bed. Suddenly, the phone rings and the vet screams hysterically that they need to get out of the house immediately. Without further ado, they left the house as quickly as possible and went down the stairs. Policemen are running up to meet them outside saying that the dog was choking because of a man’s finger. A burglar is still present in their home, and later found out the thief is unconscious to where they are sleeping.

11. The Greek Soldier

This is a story of a Greek soldier who was captured by fellow Greeks, who had hostile political beliefs,tortured for five weeks and eventually murdered. The said Greek soldier should be returning home to his fiancee to marry her. Several stories suggests that a very attractive Greek soldier in uniform is captivating and seducing beautiful women in Northern and Central Greece. After seducing them, the virgin girls are impregnated and the Greek soldier disappeared for good. The man would disappear leaving a letter explaining that he needs to spread his seed so that his sons might avenge his murder.

12. The Crybaby bridge

Is a story of a couple driving home with their baby on the back. Suddenly, a heavy rain started to pour as they were arguing to each other. Soon they found themselves having to drive over a flooded bridge and started to cross. They got stuck because they thought that water is not deeper. The woman got out of the car and as soon she got out to get her baby crying, only to find out that the baby has been carried away by the water. Today, the cry of the baby in that bridge (unknown) can still be heard.

13. The monster beneath your bed

Is a thrilling story for youngsters. It is normally told to little children who are afraid of going down their bed because the monster beneath may get their feet, pull them and terrify them to death. Although there are a lot of variations whether it is a monster, a ghost, or the popular Boogieman, or any supernatural forces.