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Here are some ideas to organize your research

Once you figure out your topic/thesis statement, the rest is easy! Here are some ideas...

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Evaluate your sources!

How do I present my research?

Need some ideas on putting your research together?


Tools to help organize your presentation

Use InstaGrok to help you with search terms. You can also use this as a tool to help you organize all of your research in one place!


This tool helps you to engage everyone in your audience. You can upload power point presentations and make them more fun and engaging to your audience. This tool also helps you to control the pace of the presentation and embed video, PDFs, images, etc! SUPER easy to use! Just check out this guide!

Google Slides

You can use this straight from your google drive! Works just like power point and can easily be shared through google classroom.

Here is a nice, simple tutorial.


Prezi is an interactive presentation. You can include links, videos, images, etc. It is eye catching, and a nice tool to capture the attention of your audience.

Here is an example

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is mostly visual. It doesn't really allow you to embed links to documents. However, using screen shots or other photos would be more useful for this tool.

Here is an example of how this tool is used to make a change.


This presentation was made with this tool. VERY user friendly. You can add, or embed almost anything. This tool is like an interactive blog, presentation, and even can function as a visual essay!

Other Tools to Consider

Here are some other ideas to look into:

ThingLink, Animoto, iMovie, PowerPoint, etc. As long as you meet the research criteria, the choice in how you organize and present your information is up to you!

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