What is puerto rico?

This is Puerto Rico

Puerto rico's main language is spanish.

This is a tropical island with many natural wonders ,it is the home of many beautiful white sandy beaches. This is a place with many  cultures and racial mix.

You can visit the views of the many lighthouses , the beautiful sunsets and also experience the feel of the spanish homes.

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Climate and weather conditions:

Climate:The average temperatures are (high)85 degrees F (low)75 degrees F,

Weather conditions:The northern coast is usually cooler and wetter than the southern coast,the average precipitation is 47% light rain 16% moderate rain  16% heavy rain  21% thunderstorms.

Hotel El Convento

It has a 5 star rate it was restored from a 350 year old  armelite convent.

It might be small but it is a very good place they have a 20 people table with bed in breakfast. they will see to your every need.

El Convento^


There is a strong artistic presence among  Puerto Ricans whether from artists formally trained in art schools ,or self trained amateurs . Museo de Arte de ponce is the greatest art on the island.

Puerto Rico's foods

The food that Puerto Rico has consists of fruit and fish they also are known for there spicy

peppers they also have fancy food.we can learn so much about there culture by there food.

Puerto ricos beaches

this is a beach that is for everyone you and i can go!  it is  a big open area with white sand

the beach is good for surfing we can  get lessons.

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