UTA Reflection

RJ Allah Womack

Well my fist thoughts of when I saw UTA I thought its was big, and fancy ; I mean like that thing was fifty feet tall! My favorite part of the day was lunch ; I got to catch up with some friends from Nichols, and meet new ones at shack. My least favorite part of the day was that we had to sit on the floor the whole thing, my behind was hurting and it was so crowded and I felt like a pickle in a jar! Also that the weather was bad so we couldn't go on the UTA campus tour. My suggestions for next time, or next year are to let us sit in the bleachers if the weather is bad or if we are just going to sit down for something. Would I consider going to UTA? hmm, that's a hard question I mean like I see other colleges to but UTA looks promising. So yes I actually would consider going to UTA. Because I see what they have for me if I go. Or when I go!