Challenging the Australian Identity

The podcast on Triple J talked about being ashamed of some things that have happened in the past or that happen in the present. It focus a lot on the Cronulla Riots and used that as an example of things that may make you feel ashamed. A topic they focused on was racism and casual racism and this was a theme throughout the podcast. The issues they spoke about were large scale events that you may not have been a part of it but you defiantly knew about it. There large scale drew the rest of the world thinking that these were Australian opinions and Hack was asking are you ashamed of some things that have happened in Australia, because you are generalised as having the opinions of the people who were at an event. It spoke about the treatment of the Indigenous community and the things that have happened to better that. It also concentrated on the idea of prejudice, usually including race items, displayed by some Australian's and some Australian's actions. It is a delicate subject because there are many opinions and views that could be taken to this.

There are many events that happen each day within Australia that could be considered shameful. The casual racism is something to be ashamed of because it happens a lot, in the media and in public. The way our Politian's conducted themselves and the way they react and the actions they take during an event are often something to be ashamed about.

I feel ashamed by these things. The casual racism is completely unnecessary and mean. It is not a joke as some people take it to be. It is shameful because we sometimes hear it and stay quite. We disagree but we don't try to stop it. It creates a segregation between people and is a horrible thing to do. Our Politian's are sometimes ridiculous in their actions. It seems they do things without thinking. They ruin relationships with a country because of a small dispute. These things are shameful because this is how we are represented around the world. We are represented as ignorant, rude and ridiculous at times. The world sees this as they way that all Australian's are.

"Some things that our Australian peers have done are things that cause us to feel shame."