The women in the snow inference

From reading the author life story and looking at the picture. I think this story is gonna be about living in the civil right and going through many challenge as they live in their communities

"The blackbird express"(257) that the route that he was gonna take was the black community and he didn't like going there because he was a white man.

" No one seem to know where the women was going or why. No but Grady"(260) I think from this sentence it make me think that Grady is gonna change the way he think about African American, or thought that he could had done something.

"It ain't the same women, dummy. You know how they all look alike"(262) Grady saw the same women that die last year, and from this i think he was chose to see this girl.

"So the colored people decided Otto boycott them buses. Nobody rode for over a year. Walked everywhere, formed carpool... Rather than ride a bus"(266). From doing something small it can change something big.

"He thought he saw Eula Mae Daniels smile as she vanished into the swirling now, never to be see again"(266). From dropping her off where she needed to be I think she went off peacefully.

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3 years ago

Good job. Now pay attention as we read the rest of the story to see if your inferences change.