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This is a photo of the Kaiser and Kaiserin for Germany. His name was Friedrich Wilhelm, and he ruled over Germany at the start of the war. It was him who declared war, and started a a new age of terror. He ruled from the 15th of June 1988, to November 9th, 1918.

These next two photos exhibit new weapons during the war. The first photo is a picture of a German hand grenade, and the second is a trench mortar. The hand grenade was once called a stick grenade because of its looks. It was created in 1915, and went out of use in 1945. It was very easy to operate, and had a big impact on destruction. The Trench Mortar was also built in 1915, but retired from service in 1918. It was used to target enemies in their trenches, and kill them before coming out to fight.

These are photos of soldiers preparing for war, and fighting on the battle fields. The first photo shows Italian fighters going into war, and the second photo shows British marines marching through Belgium. The soldiers were always busy doing something, and if they were not fighting, they were still making a statement that they were prepared to fight. Both of these photos show how the land was used during the time of WWI, and the soldiers life.

Both of the following photos show civilians burying people from their society, and country. In many cases the civilians were impacted by emotion, and had to clean up the messes made. The war was being fought all around the towns, leaving many bodies dead on the streets. It was up to the people still alive to take care of the diseased, and it was a very tough job for them to do. Most of the time, they had to bury fighters from other countries as well, because they would be left in the battlefield.

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This last photo shows a damaged doorway and entrance to a cathedral in France. This photo is one of the many that do not do justice for how destructed many places were. Part of the cathedral is still standing, and in most cases, many buildings were not even in tact with the ground. Once the war was over, it took millions of dollars and many years to bring the countries back to life. It put many people out of homes, and left a lot of people with nothing left.