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How to Achieve Crisp Cookies

To achieve crisp cookies you use white sugar, honey or molasses as a sweetener for your cookies. The fat you use can play a big role in your cookies. The leavening agent also has a lot to do with how your cookies texture turns out.


Fat has a lot to do with the texture of your cookies, butter makes your cookies tender and makes it more brown than if you used shortening or margarine.

Safety and Sanitation

For safety and sanitation you have to wash your hands to begin before making cookies. After you make your cookies do not eat the cookie matter how tempting it is. When getting your cookies out of the oven, wear oven mitts to prevent yourself from getting burned. While packaging your cookies wear gloves because they will not be cooked again.

Cooling your cookies

To cool your cookies after they get out of the oven, put them on a cooking rack to prevent the cookie from cooking even longer on the sheet pan.

Storing you cookies

To store your cookies safely, you have to first wait until they are cool enough to put them in a container. When they are cool enough put your cookies in an air tight container away from moisture.

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