Why Did Germany Invade Poland?

   Poland and the fifth biggest army with about one million soldiers and about five hundred tanks, how did and why did Germany invade. Germany strategically invaded Poland for war purposes. First they signed the German-Soviet pact that stated they would split Poland between the two powers. Poland was also a threat to Germany because Poland could attack from the east and France and Britain could attack from the west forcing Germany to slit there troops on either side( east and west Germany). Once Poland was out of the picture the Nazis could push to the east and not worry about a western attack for a couple of years. The fall of Warsaw was a big turning point for the axis.   


This Video showed how the Germans invaded Poland, a lot of bombings and blitzkrieg attacking. This video pointed out that Hitler did not want to fight the stalemate trench warfare but bombings and fast attacking. With Poland out of the Picture Germany was able to focus on France and stick to his plan knowing that allied numbers would be smaller than it would be if Poland fought.  Poland also had some room for more camps, bases and other war storages. The fall of Poland started world war 2.   

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The map above is a map of Poland. To the west of Poland is Germany and to the east is Russia. When Germany dominated Poland Germany gained the upper hand. They know could go north to Latvia and Lithuania, don't have to worry about the million soldiers and now closer to Russia when they attack. The reason for Germany to invade Poland out of no where was for no war in the west and only fighting in the east. that would make Germany stronger together than separated on either side.

The movie "Star Wars episode three" has the same kind of story as Hitler did in World War two. The Senator wanted to gain trust of his people and make them love him, same as Hitler with the German people. The Senator joined an evil side and them decided to kill all the Jedi's. Hitler gained the trust of his people then attacked Poland for war. in the end of both scenarios they both died.    

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