T-34 Tank

It was important because it helped get passed hard defensive military, and it had great protection. The tank had good firepower, and was used to go through tuff places like trenches and more. The tank's effectiveness was called a legend and was the finest tank of the 20th century. If battle like WW2 was still going on, then the T-34 wouldn't reach its exact legendary status. The tank was used in WW2 and 39 other wars. It was one of the best weapons that helped countries win, and was used for protection, firepower, and more.


It was a jet powered plane, and would have bombs. They light bombed people, and were also used to fly during the night. Its effectiveness was to fly in the air, and take down other planes. It would also bomb ground weapons, and military when they were in the air/ taking off the ground. People used it in WW2, and other wars that had planes like the pearl harbor, and more.

Rocket Launcher

These were used to shoot down planes, tanks, and people. It would stop people from coming to attack. Its effectiveness was to slow down people who were coming to attack, and kill mostly all the enemies. They were a powerful military weapon, and it was real hard to stop these rockets. It used in WW2, and lots of other battles before WW2 and WW1.