Atmosphere-By:Kovani Hostetler

This is my atmosphere project I am go be telling you what I have learned

1. The troposphere this is the layer we live animals plants and humans its where planes fly 90% of mass is found weather occurs here and its the shallowest layer.

     2. The stratosphere this is the second layer its cold to start with then it gets hot this layer has the ozone layer and it protects us from the sun.

3. The Mesosphere this layer is the middle layer it gets colder protects us from rocks and meteors.

    4. Thermosphere this is the hottest layer the air is thinnest here and this is the highest layer.

5. The atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen 1% other gases

6. The atmosphere particles contains pure air only gases

7. The Earths atmosphere is suitable for living things

8. The atmosphere has 9 gases

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