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Born in Sines, Portugal and died on December 24, 1524 in Kochi India. Vasco Da Gama was either born in 1460-1469. Da Gama was a Portuguese explorer. He was born at a time in which Portuguese explorers were sailing around the globe looking for new routes to India and Asia. His father, Estav√£o, was an explorer employed in the school of Prince Henry the Navigator, so that young Vasco was exposed to seafaring at a very early age.

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Achievements and Discoveries

He was the first European to reach India by sea, linking Europe and Asia for the first time by ocean route, as well as the Atlantic and the Indian oceans entirely and definitively, and in this way, the West and the Orient. Vasco Da Gama made the most significant sea voyage of the 15th century when he led a Portuguese expedition on a dangerous journey around the southern tip of Africa, eventually becoming the first European explorer to sail to India. According to da Gama's personal account, the meeting ended with the native people attacking the ships as the crew tried to leave. This would be the first of the crew's many unfortunate encounters with local peoples, and would set the tone for da Gama's subsequent voyages.

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Impact on World and World Today

  • Da Gama embarked on one of the most gruesome massacres of the exploration age. He and his crew terrorized Muslim ports up and down the African east coast, and at one point, set ablaze a Muslim ship returning from Mecca, killing the several hundreds of people (including women and children) who were on board. Next, the crew moved to Calicut, where they wrecked the city's trade port and killed 38 hostages. From there, they moved to the city of Cochin, a city south of Calicut, where Da Gama formed an alliance with the local ruler. It also impacted on us because without Vasco Da Gama we wouldn't have find out about some places till later.

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