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Ms.Berrisford, Exodus, Decisions

Through out the plot of Exodus Mara is given many small and large choices to make, almost all of which have nearly unforeseeable consequences. In the first fifth of the book
Mara must choose weather to allow the citizens of wing to head north into unknown territory or south to New World city of New Mungo. She believes adamantly that the New World is there salvation and leads her people to the south. The consequence of her actions are the enslavement or death of her family, friends and fellow island dwellers. The second big decision Mara makes is to head to the semi-sunken University while she was living with the Treenesters. Despite the University being off limits Mara enters anyway and discovers that heading north would put them on Greenland which, at this time, is a safe haven. With this knowledge she sets forth a plan to free the peoples of the under city and of her island. The final big decision Mara makes in this book is to leave her companion, whom she refers to simply as "Fox", behind. He was a pivotal character in this novel as if not for him Mara would not ever know of the New Worlds existence. In the end, Fox is left behind to become a revolutionary and to slowly bring an end to the tyranny of the leaders of New World. Although many of Mara's choices are found to either be wrong or misguided, her decisions lead to the savior of many more live than if she had chosen to simply submit to the will of others.