Population- 82.06 million.

Government type- Republic

Qatayef... Cheese or nut-filled fried pastry covered in a sweet rose water flavored syrup. This is a fairly heavy dessert, but it is mouth watering! I prefer the nut-filled variety, which is made with pistachios or walnuts seasoned with sugar and cinnamon. But the cheese-filled qatayef are also delicious.

Religions- Muslims for the most part and some Christians.

3 Problems Egypt Faces
1.Fear of sexual violence against women.
2.Egypt has many power blackouts.
3.Egypts food prices are rapidly increasing.

3 Solutions To These Problems
1.Egypt should have more security in the streets.
2.Egypt hould have energy reservoirs.
3.People in egypt should grow there own food, and not have to buy food.

Would I visit Egypt? Why And Why Not?
In my honest opinion I wouldn't like to visit Egypt. Reason to that is because there is to much violence in the streets. And there isn't much safety. Another reason why is because of distance. You have to take a plane there and back, and I can't travel through plane.

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