Romeo and Juliet Group Seminar
(Ms. Lee's Class)

Your culminating task for this drama study unit is to present a seminar on one of the five Acts from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You will be working with 5-6 peers to create and present the seminar.

The following components must be included in your seminar:

1) Act Summary

a. Use point form to summarize the main events in the act (use 10-15 points)

2) Character Analysis

a. Choose 3 characters that play an influential role in your particular act and create a character sketch of this character

i. Describe the character’s personality, motives, nature of their actions, the effect this character has on other characters and the character’s relationships with other characters

ii. Each character sketch should be written in a concise paragraph (approximately 100-150 words)

3) Passage Analysis (focusing on a central theme)

a. Choose 3 significant passages that highlight one or more of the central themes in the play (you cannot use any of the passages assigned in class)

i. For each passage analysis, identify the speaker, who the speaker is talking to, the context and the significance (with specific reference to a central theme) of the passage

4) Personal Commentary

a. As a group, summarize your reactions to the act

i. Consider what you liked, didn’t like and explain why, consider what you would have done differently, what advice you would have given a character, how you thought the events should have unfolded or how the act should have ended (don’t be afraid of offending anyone!)

ii. The commentary should be approximately 150 words long

5) Dramatization of a Scene

a. Choose one particular scene in the act that you feel is pivotal in the play (or that you think deserves special consideration) and dramatize it.

b. You have the option of acting out a skit in class, pre-recording the performance and replaying it in class, creating a rap or song, creating a tableau skit or creating an interpretive dance. If you have another creative form that you would like to use please have this pre-approved by your teacher.

Presentation Dates:

Friday April 11th, Monday April 14th & Tuesday April 15th

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