Little Women
cultural assumption 2

Another cultural assumption I have found while reading Little Women is 'the expectations of young girls'. In modern times growing up is all young children want to do but the realisation of adult hood can be daunting and scary. Try having the whole families reputation relying on you.

In little women, this is shown by Jo and Meg struggling to come with the terms of being a proper young lady. Jo is a headstrong girl and has trouble and challenges societies view of perfect ladies of the time. Meg, however, prides herself in becoming a confident young women who makes her family proud.

Young girls had to act a specific way. Their hair had to be tied back often in a bonnet which irritated Jo. They were eventually expected to marry to a suitable and often rich husband. They had to act in a proper way with good manners and high social status. Jo didn't want to get married but knew one day she would have to. She hated being a girl and had a rough time trying to be a fashionable and feminine character.

The girls did not want to grow up, and although society had a different view on how the girls acted Jo took a manner that showed she didn't care for societies views.

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3 years ago

you outlined the cultural assumption very clearly throughout the blog post. one of the examples were useful in backing up your post about being a "women" or a fashionable "lady". the elements were not mentioned again through plot, theme. characterisation & structure, but still one the right path. you linked the assumption very well in the time that it was happening but also mentioned the presents expectations of women which helped understand the context. you did not mention how this was challenged by the author. again our novels are linked through the assumptions put forward & the challenging of these assumptions by the author. yet again, a very well structured post.