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  • Weathering: Weathering is defined as the chemical as well as mechanical processes that change the surface rock of the earth.
  • Chemical Weathering: Changing a rock into a new substance by exposing it to another substance such as water.
  • Mechanical Weathering: Breaking down  rocks into smaller versions of themselves without changing their chemical composition.
chemical weathering
  • Loess: Silt and clay that is deposited by wind and can be very fertile.
  • Erosion: When weathered material is moved, usually downhill, by chemical or mechanical weathering.

Erosion video

  • Sediment: Fine particles of weathered materials. Ex. Mud, sand, silt.
Sediment on a delta
  • Living shorelines- These are one of mans attempts to stop the effects of erosion. Plants with large root systems are planted along the shore and their roots help slow erosion on banks.

Watch this instructional video.

Parent Material
  • Parent Material: The chemical composition of a rock before it is broken down into fertile soil.
  • Glacier: A long lasting ice field that has the force to carve out mountains or flatten a landscape.
  • Humus: The organic material in the soil.
  • Moraine: Rocks that a glacier leaves behind are ridges called moraines.
  • Glaciation: The changing landby slowly moving glaciers.

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