How could we improve our warnings and help people get the facts when it comes to marijuana and its dangers.

Answer: the more knowledge we have on this drug the more understanding and aware we would be of its dangers. so I think we should just give more  opportunities to  people to learn about this drug and its effects.

What would you say to someone that had an incident where they consumed marijuana but are unsure about what it is.

Answer: don't ever try a drug that you don't know anything about. you should probably find someone, perhaps a teacher and discuss the  consequences that come with taking marijuana.

if your someone that sells marijuana for a living and the consumer was to get in trouble with the police should you stop supplying for that person.

Answer: well you should be aware that if that person was to mention something about who supplies them the drugs, the police what come after you. and you would get into more trouble.

does marijuana effect your baby?

Answer: your should know that your putting your child at risk because babies that are birthed to mothers who use marijuana have 11 times the risk of getting childhood leukaemia.