Animal Testing

Camille Garcia

Do you belive that animal testing is a crucial factor in todays society?

Do you believe that animal testing should be allowed? Animal testing should continue to be allowed for advancements in medicine and to house and take good care of uncared animals.

Animal testing has lead to much medical Advancement. "Animal-based research has led to important advances in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and diabetes." "St. Jude's revolutionized leukemia therapy and today 80 percent of the children survive,” Animal Experimentation, 2013. For example, research-using animals has helped to beat cancer. It includes finding faulty genes and molecules that have caused cancer and helping to find reasoning on why the disease spreads. In addition, all cancer type patients’ survival has doubled to 40 years, thanks to research. Therefore, animal testing is necessary to help find cures and advancements that are saving millions of peoples lives.

Not only has animal testing helped to find medical advancements and cures that have saved millions of people's lives but has also helped to house and care for the animals being tested on. "Americans for medical progress contends that animals used in research are protected by laws and guidelines and cared for by highly trained professionals who work to minimize discomfort." "Most research animals do not experience procedures that are more invasive than what people face during an annual physical examination. When potentially uncomfortable procedures are involved, anesthetics and analgesics are used to relieve discomfort," Medical Testing, 2014. Consequently, while most people would say animal testing is inhumane the truth of the matter is even though animals are being tested on they are given housing, being fed and taken care of.

On the contrary, if animal testing is not allowed most cures and advances in medicine for diseases would most probably not exist. The lives of many people would have not been saved. As well as, most animals would die of lack of housing and food, if not for animal testing. Therefore, certain species of animal would also likely have become extinct.

Animal testing is a crucial part of discovering new advances and cures for diseases. Additionally helping animals to as well live healthier than they would if alone. Animal testing over all is necessary.