Blog #4
Every Choice Has its Consequences
By, Quin Hogg
Teacher: Barresford
April 22 2013

      The first bad decision Steve made in this novel was even being involved in such a grusum crime such as the one committed. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the second choice he made was to refuse food, he was new to the prison and not custome to the things that were expected of him and thought he could be above the law for a little bit and not eat but that got him nowhere. The third choice he is going to have to make is weather to make his life something better or go back to his old ways. We can trace his evolution throug the story, but without his final realization, we are all left wondering whether Steve can start his life over and move on, or become just another street thug like the prosecution accused him of being, and continue with his old ways.

          " Sometimes I feel like I have walked into a movie, it is a strange movie with no plot and no beginning." ( page 3) Here Steve is explaining how it feels to be in such situation for something he did not do. His consequence for being in the wrong place at the wrong time was jail. "I cant eat this" Steve thought that he could just refuse food and the other prisoners saw that as disrespect because they are in there every day and they know if they don't eat their food something will happen. They show respect every day that they are even getting fed but Steve was so new to this life he was unsure. The last choice he had to make was weather he is going to say "hmm.. lets start my life over, I have the world in my hands and i'm ready to take it over." Or he could swing the other way and go back to the streets and being a thug even though he knows it wont get him anywhere that he wants to be. Steve Harmon's fate is in no ones but his own hands he has the power to make his life better and start over and no one is making the decisions for him.

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