Ed Psych

Educational psychology is the academic discipline that examines the learning and teaching taking place in our classrooms.

Why does it matter?

Not only do you want your students to learn, but in Indiana, RISE will be critical to your success.  How do you see educational psychology mattering to you and the learners you will serve?

Identify and describe individual differences and social influences on growth, development, and learning.

Offer input and cite your sources to discuss the ways family culture, language, and environment will impact a child's growth, development, and learning. Also consider how our social and political systems impact the growth and development of our learners.  Offer at least two statements and respond to at least one statement from another person's post. All posts should be cited in APA format.

As you read the posts, begin to consider the theorists whose theories have helped us formulate our ideas about this growth, development, and learning.