Karl Fritschen - Streetscaping

Karl Fritschen is a landscape architect and urban planner with many years of accumulated experience in the field, as well as a vision and discipline that make him a stand out and leader in the industry. Karl's experience in the field includes both the private and public sector, as he has worked and collaborated with state, local, and regional government officials as well as corporate ceo's and many other businesses. Among Karl's many experiences one in particularly he has dealt with is streetscaping, which is the planning and execution of building streets and roads in a community for the effective and efficient transportation movement for all modes. Karl says that his kind of planning requires a level of knowledge and understanding that only the most experienced planner or landscape architect should embark upon. Karl says that when creating streets one must factor many variables into their equation to suit the needs of everyone. Karl says that these streets need to have equal but safe access to all businesses and areas, which is why collaboration is a big part of street design, to assure no one is left out.

Karl Fritschen says that there are a surprising number of factors that influence the way a road or street is designed. Many of these factors come from the community itself, and are effected by things such as the local economy, general flow of traffic, and even average hours of operation within the community. In other words each type of road is unique and should develop within the context of the immediate area. Karl says that surveying the area as well as gathering meaningful statistics about the community are all vital parts of the process, pivotal for designing a street that is easily accessible to all. Karl says that this kind of data gathering and analysis is a big portion of what he does, and a key part of the city development process, something most people do not know.

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