The Canadian Shield

The Canadian shield is a board of reign of  

Precambrian rock. Its a large area of exposed Precambrian

that forms the ancient geological core of the North American continent

In the North the temperatures are very cold with an average winter temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and a summer temperature of 10 Degrees Celsius.

What is the Canadian Shield?

The Canadian Shield is very large it takes up half of Canada. There are 6 provinces that cross the Canadian Shield, Alberta, Saskatchewan,Manitoba, Ontario,Quebec and Newfoundland. The Canadian Shield, also known as the Precambrian Shield or Laurentian Plateau, covers about half of Canada as well as most of Greenland and part of the northern United States an area of 4.4 million square kilometers. The shield was the first part of the continent to be permanently raised above sea-level. Subsequent rising and falling, folding, erosion and continental ice sheets have created its present topography

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