Lice Mice and Diseases are Not Nice

Trenches are gross and dirty so always remember to stay clean and sanitary.

Larry the Louse

This is Larry the louse.

Larry is extremely small clear with a red tint and evil. he and his diseased filled friends are on the planet for one purpose, to pollute and destroy the world. We don't like Larry.

One day Larry and his friend Mark mouse decided it would be fun to irritate our fellow soldiers of World War 1.

After long hard days of battling in the sun our fellow American soldiers deserve a much needed rest. They battle enemies all day fight the suns heat and don't receive enough food, the least we could do is let them relax.

Mark the Mouse

Larry, Mark, and their disease filled entourage go and pollute our soldiers trenches. The already weakened soldiers struggle to fight them off not even strong enough to "shoo away" the mice.

Larry decides to get his family and him to join together for a party. They party so long no one ever wants to leave, by morning there are millions of lice everywhere. Soldiers are infected with an epidemic of trench fever, typhus and body rashes the size of Africa.  

Mark the Mouse decides it would be fun if he got his family to join the party. His family ate and ate and got so fat they were the size of your boot. They ate soldiers food and even some soldiers who were wounded. They carried disease and fleas and just added to the pollution of the unsanitary trenches.

To get rid of mice and rats was a challenge for soldiers. Many ill from the unsanitary conditions, only so many could defend themselves. Healthy soldiers made a game of trying to chase the rats out of the trenches.

Scientist after a while learned the reasons for all this mass sickness was because of the lice rats and unsanitary conditions. After a while of chasing rats and mice, bathing and showers, and staying clean soldiers became stronger. Strong enough to fight off the enemy and win. Win the battle on disease and war.

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