Philadelphia (Not the Cheese)

A Movie about a Daily Suffering

It's not easy to live with a disease, and AIDS is one of the harder to deal with. Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), one of the greatest attorney in Philadelphia, is fired from his job because he forgot to give a paper. But he doesn't see this that way. He actually thinks that he got fired because he's gay and he has AIDS. Beckett is now suing the firm he was working at and he's represent by a lawyer, Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) who at the beginning was homophobic. The whole movie is about the trial, but also about the daily life of Andrew and his boyfriend with AIDS.

I watched this movie twice and everytime I was shocked by the fear that people had of AIDS in the 90'. At some point Joe Miller is afraid of contracting the disease just by shaking Andrew's hand. We have to admit that the research on this illness was not as big in these years as it is now. We now know that the virus, HIV, cannot be contracted by a simple handshake or by saliva either. The movie is a great piece of art; it must have been very difficult to make a movie on a taboo in 1993, but it was a success. Tom Hanks is marvellous, as always, it that role. He transmit the distress felt by all those HIV-positive people out there and even if it doesn't talk specifically about the prevention and the protection, we are very sensibilised to AIDS and it invites us to be more careful about the transmission. Everybody must know that it's not just a major illness for theirselves, but also for their family & friends who will always have to live this with them...

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