Play Review

In October, I saw Night of the Living Death at Sandwich high school. They preformed the play to the best of it's ability, but the way the play was written was poor. The play was about the zombie apocalypse and turning people zombies, so it was understandable why this show was preformed around Halloween. The atmosphere was conveyed as if we were watching a bad 60's movie in black and white. The actors did a great job portraying it. Jessie Lizzote, who played the main character (Barbra), really made everyone feel the pain she felt when her brother Johnny was attacked by the zombies. The way that the tech crew showed that too was to record them in a graveyard and play it before the show went on so that the audience understood the back story of Barbra. When it came to the news broadcasting also, the tech crew projected it up on the wall so that the audience could see everything that the actors saw. The most confusing part of the play for me was the intermission. The first act really took people in for the 2 hours that it was. When it became intermission, the audience was on the edge of their seats from what was going to happen next. When the play came back from intermission though, there was only 5 minutes left of the show. What is the point of intermission if it is longer than the second act, or two acts for that matter? Although I didn't like how the show was written, the acting in the show very good.

PPP Reflection

I really enjoyed working on my PPP the past few weeks. I created a play based on the map of the underworld. The play consisted of two brothers who were the sons of Hades. All Hades wants to do is meet his sons. In order to complete that task, he abduct his son (Luke) knowing that his son (Evan) will come to protect his brother. Evan, his best friend Ralph, and little Johnny from the orphanage go on their journey to rescue Luke. Along the journey they meet characters such as Flank (a Faun), Turran (a Minotaur), and Zobeck (a Centaur).

I had my strong points in this project and weak points. As you can see from above, my characters and plot development I would say were some of my strong points. Another point I was excited about and really researched was my lighting which I thought I explained very well so I would say that was also a strong point. When it comes to hair and make up how ever, I would definitely say that was a weak point of mine seeing I had no determination for that what so ever and could not go in depth with it much at all. My other main weak point would probably be my costume section just because I couldn't think of how to explain why my costumes would be good and didn't do as much research as I should have. Other than those topics, I was very thrilled about my PPP.

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