Neeraj Tewari

A few words of background might prove helpful. His educational achievements are numerous. He received a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Inst itute of Technology in 1984. Following that, he received his master’s degree from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in 1986. - He was admitted into the Harvard Business School for an MBA program in 1985—but, due to then-current business commitments, he was unable to pursue this opportunity. - Neeraj Tewari and Manish a have been married since 1991. 

His resume is nothing if not impressive. He is a success-driven professional with demonstrated management skills in both the telecommunications and software industries. Tewari also possesses a proven understanding of global business management; a thorough knowledge of startup, mid-size, and large enterprise workings; and leadersh ip skills in both M&A initiatives and post merger integration. The list goes on from there. He is adept and experienced in building and managing global engineering, operations, finance, sales and marketing teams, as well as in customer relation ship management and in managing global growth through planned financial and internal controls. Right now, Tewari works as the head of technology solutions at a leading information technology services company, which is located in Rockville, Maryland. With over 5000 employees, investing and growing right technology solutions is key for a services firm, and Tewari spends much of his time doing just that.

Previous Career Experience

Even before his current role, Neeraj Tewari was someone who had achieved much in his professional life. A brief roundup of past career highlights includes: - From 1986 through 2005, Neeraj Tewari served as the VP of the Spaceway Broadband Program at Hughes Network Sys tems (HNS) in Germantown, Maryland. In this role he served as the overall program manager, and was responsible for the most technically advanced, ambitious, an d publicized $1.2B program within HNS, designed to provide broadband services to enterprises and consumers via a 10 GBPS, fully programmable satellite. Tewari managed an R&D budget of $ 300M and oversaw an $800M satellite procurement from Boeing. In addition, he was tasked with the development and rollo ut of the Network Control Center, Internet Gateways, user premise terminals, and service management system. - He also had a special assignment from Hughes in the mid-1990s, when he served as the senior director of engineeri ng. This brought Tewari on an overseas assignment from the United States to India, to start Hughes Software Systems, as a provider of outsourced telecommu n ication software services. Initially, Tewari managed the ramp-up of the engineering department and then put together the business plan for taking the services to global telecommunication OEMs. Moreover, he managed business development, sales and marketing in the United States as well as in Europe, oversaw softw are development in New Delhi, and grew the company to over 800 employees between 1992 and 1996. - Neeraj Tewari was one of 30 “Fast Track” employees at Hughes between 1991 and 1996—a high honor within the company. - He received the company’s Chairman’s Honor Award for Excellence in 1997. - He holds two patents, as well, including one from 1999 and one from 2001.