Parts of a river

Area of land that contributes water to a stream or river is called a watershed.

Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes. They cross county, state, and national boundaries. In the continental US, there are 2,110 watersheds; including Hawaii Alaska, and Puerto Rico, there are 2,267 watersheds.

Floodplains are the areas of land lateral to a river.

By their very nature, floodplains are the low, flat, periodically flooded lands adjacent to rivers, lakes and oceans and subject to geomorphic (land-shaping) and hydrologic (water flow) processes.

source means were the water comes from.
a mouth is the part of a river that flows into a sea, river, lake, or ocean.
A great ba no outflow to other external bodies of water,such as rivers or
a divide is a part of a mountain that divides two watersheds.

Head waters are tributary stream of a river close to or forming part of its source.

Aerial view of tributary on Bald Head Island, North Carolina
Downriver is toward or situated at a point nearer the mouth of a river.

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