Eleanor & Park
Rainbow Rowell

Protagonist:  The protagonist in this story is Eleanor and Park a young couple in high school.


Antagonist: The time the two spent together before Eleanor left to live with her uncle and her drunken strict stepfather.


Plot teaser:

Over the course of a school year two unordinary star crossed lovers, who are brave enough to love and fearful  to be without one another, who sacrifice so much to be together, if only for a minute...Two misfits one extraordinary love.

Park: He knows she'll love the song's and comics he gave her, even if they never talk.

Eleanor:  New school,red hair, wrong clothes, and no friends.  Only a silent stranger who gives her comics and music.

Quote:  Relationships last long not because they're destined to last long.  Relationships last long because two brave people made a choice...To keep it, fight for it, and work for it.

The theme of Eleanor and Park is that love is a powerful thing that can bring two people together, who aren't afraid of losing themselves in the process for one another.

I recommend this book to any teen or adult, it is a very good book with many unexpected turns.  This book is for people who prefer a true romance,about getting to know each other and realizing that first impressions aren't always correct.  Through out the book Eleanor and Park are placed in situations that we as readers can relate to.

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