Take an Adventure to NEPTUNE!

How many times do you get to do this?

Awesome + Amazing= Once in a life-time opportunity!!!!

Neptune has winds that can have supersonic speeds, also jet streams 10 to 15 stronger than Earth. Also, Earth can go into Neptune 57 times it is huge! Neptune can get up to -225 degrees celsius! Neptune is a beautiful blue. You might want to bring and a stake and a thick thick rope you can put in the ground to hook the rope to because the winds plus the gravity will probably blow you away. Neptune is also an ice giant. You might also want to bring a thermal suit and a very heavy coat. Winds can reach up to 1,500 miles 1,200 km/hr). The winds blow in thin weather no more than 600 miles (1,000 km/hr) on Neptune. I hope you do good on Neptune follow these steps and you will surely survive I hope! Don’t forget to bring a lot of freeze dried food and water!

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