A Trip To Washington DC

Good Place To Learn About Our History
Naija Powell - first period

Driving distance from Washington,DC to Rocky Mount,NC is 234miles/377km. In total thats 3hours & about 36 minutes.

Driving distance from Rocky Mount, NC to Washington,DC is 233miles/376km. & in total thats about 3hours & 33minutes.

Rental a car from Enterprise well cost you , well for a weekend special it costs $ 9.99 per day. @ National Car Rental its $25 weekly to rent.

Gas is about $ 3.45 a gallon so it will cost you between 45 and 55 bucks to fill a BMW up. If you use 93(gas) you spend about $ 2.50 (gas) you would spend about $ 2.50 more than 83(gas).    * Premium 92 or 93 runs better/ car will run property.

On some 2014 Mustang's have 1500 miles on them.

For regular gas this how much you will spend just on gas.

  1. Cost to drive 25miles - $4.03
  2. Fuel to drive 25miles -1.1gallons
  3. Cost to fill the tank -$51
  4. Miles on a tank 317miles
  5. Tank size 16.0 gallons

I been to Washington DC before but the reason I think Washington is the best place visit is its filled with both politics and history.Washington DC is a fun place,they have hip bars & hot street food to thought-provoking museums and monuments.

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