Help Wanted-Cosmetology

Hayley Morgan


*looking for someone to be able to style someones hair the way that they ask. Also another thing is you can do peoples nails the way they them and make sure you do them the right way.

*Detailed Activities:

May apply makeup, dress wigs, paint nails, cut and wash hair.

*Working Conditions:

Working Face-to-face with others and talking to them on the phone.

*Work Interest:

To cut peoples hair

*Work Value:

You have to know how to cut hair like people ask and know your measurements and also be able to keep a steady hand.

*Basic Skills:

Active listening, critical thinking, speaking

*Minimum Education:

Some college, no degreee

High school diploma or equivalent Help

*Salary Information:

Tennessee average:High- 44,300, medium- 23,700, low-16,800

National:$11.12 hourly, $23,140 annual

*Experience in other fields:

Barber Stylist, Nail Technician

*Growth Potential:

Average (8% to 14%)

*2020 Careers:

The convenience of working remotely, away from an office environment, by connecting to an employer's office network.

*Contact Form: Hayley Morgan

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