AhnaD Summer 2014

     This Summer was by far, the best one yet! My favorite trip this Summer (the only trip) was our trip to Priest Lake. Every year, family friends from Seattle come up camping with us at Lionhead campground on Priest Lake and spend one week in paradise. This year we got the group camp, we try for it every year and never got it until last year. We camp with 7 and plus families and we usually have 4 boats between all of us. I have so many amazing memories from this year. I cant wait to go back! Next year I'm bringing my best friend, Sayde Peterson!

This was me, Madi G. and Alivia K. on the last day at Priest.
This is our whole group of friends/family that we camp with:)
(I didn't get the memo that we were all smiling) These are the older girls
This is Anna and Dawson and our group all boated to Elkins to get service.
And Sayde, she's always been my BF and next year she's coming to Priest!