Kyle Schaftenaar 7G

This was our first task in design tech.

for our first task in design tech we had to get photos that represented one of our school values. I chose safety. And with all our photos we had to edit them with the website called pixlr.

This is my unedited photo.  I picked this photo because it represents not using safety.

This is my edited photo. I have changed the filter and put in some text .

This is my second unedited photo. It is a bit pixelated because it is a small picture and I had to blow it up. It represents using safety by a train crossing with lights and rail barriers.

This is my edited one. I have added and filter and some side colours.

this is my third unedited photo. That is showing lots of things to do with safety that is why I chose it

this is the edited product. I have added a filter and zoomed in on one of the signs.

This is my final unedited photo. I chose this photo because it is showing safety by wearing a helmet.

This is the finished product. I changed the colour and put in blue smoke.

This is the collage of all my edited photos.

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