Acupuncture Treatments – Answers To The Most Common Faqs About The Treatment

When you look at the many forms of alternative medicine and treatments available these days, Acupuncture happens to be one of the most preferred and popular ones. The reason behind its widespread acceptance is perhaps the effectiveness with which it treats underlying conditions that patients face during health issues. But there are also many questions and confusions about the acupuncture system that often create apprehensions in the minds of patients. This article will help solve the most frequently asked questions about the treatment.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture balances a person's life energy, or Qi (pronounces "Chee"). Everything in us - all physical and non-physical (i.e., mental, emotional) processes depend on the presence of Qi, and Qi is present in all living beings. This life energy, Qi, circulates throughout the body in channels, called Meridians. This treatment is based on the philosophy that in order to have a healthy body, Qi must flow freely through your system. A block in this flow will usually cause the body to exhibit symptoms pointing to an underlying condition. Lightly touching the Qi energy with acupuncture needles is like opening a gate or releasing congested areas, allowing the Qi to once again circulate freely thereby restoring health.

What conditions can acupuncture treat?

There is a wide range of conditions that can be effectively treated with the help of acupuncture therapy. Everything from respiratory, circulatory and digestive conditions to neuro-muscular disorders and reproductive problems can be treated effectively with this system. Acupuncture is also known to be effective with psychological problems like anxiety, depression, substance abuse and addiction, trauma, insomnia and other disorders. The therapy has been prove n to have a strengthening effect on the body’s immune system which is why, many doctors these days recommend it as a recovery therapy. Acupuncture treatment is effective across ages as well, making it a preferred choice for people seeking alternative therapy across the world.

What will the treatment be like?

Any acupuncture treatment will begin just like any other consult with a doctor. Your therapist will look through your health history as well as gain an understanding of your current systems to get a diagnosis. Following this, they will prescribe the requisite therapy sessions that will be necessary to heal your body and get rid of the problem that is affecting your health.

Before the actual treatment, the practitioner will feel your pulses to help her in determining the best course of treatment. They will also feel your pulses after inserting needles and at the end of the treatment. They will then insert several very fine, sterile, disposable, stainless steel needles into different point in your body - called acupuncture points. Some of these needles will have to stay in place for some time while others will be removed immediately. Any typical acupuncture session can last up to about one to one and a half hours.

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