Cyber Security

Cyber security focuses on keeping computers, networks, programs and data safe from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.

Cyber security professionals should be ready to rapidly respond to threats as soon as they are detected.

Being a gadget addict means that you have experience with technology and how they work which will help a lot for someone who wants to become a cyber security professional. A person who likes to solve problems will be someone who will work hard to keep his or her information safe. Someone who enjoys saving the day is someone who will work hard to accomplish his or her tasks. A person who isn't overwhelmed by  complex situations will be able to start working on any task without fear. A person with a wild imagination will have many different thoughts of possibilities compared to others. A good listener will grasp and understand his task to start and complete his work. A good multitasker will be able to perform many tasks to maximize his work. A team player will be able to cooperate with his members and get help to complete his task. If a person wants to stay above the learning curve compared to others, he will be ahead of others in knowledge, therefore being more knowledgeable than others. Lastly, paying attention to details will ensure that you don't make any mistakes, finishing tasks well. Linking all these traits together, I think I'd be an average cyber bully professional considering that all traits don't apply to me, however some do.

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